Recent Projects

Paint Removal – Sandstone

We were contacted by the homeowner for our paint removal services, and were tasked with removing years of paint from this sandstone window surround. Our specialist chemical paint softener was used to loosen and soften the multiple layers of paint, before lowering the pressure, and upping the temperature on our pressure washer. The pressure was kept reasonably low so as […]

Brick Cleaning/Window Cleaning – Edinburgh

This site was part of some new build student accommodation projects that are being built in Edinburgh. We were asked by a large contractor to clean this site and another site (See post below). This site only required a light rinse-down of all brickwork, but alongside those works, we were asked to carry out a deep clean to all window […]

New Build Cleaning – Edinburgh

We were contacted by a large national contractor to carry out some brick cleaning on a large new build project in Edinburgh. The contractor had two sites, one in a finished state, that just needed to be rinsed down (see post above) and this one, which needed a full chemical brick clean to remove any mortar spots, staining and general […]

Cladding Cleaning – Cumbernauld

The owner of this industrial unit wanted it cleaned up. It hadn’t been touched since it was built, and the area and nearby trees had caused it to turn a nasty shade of grey, with large areas covered in algae. We were able to clean this entirely from the ground using our specialist equipment, which saved the owner the cost […]

Paint Removal

The landlord of this restaurant gave us a call asking if we could remove some paint from the tarmac pathway around the front/side of the building. The previous tenants had painted the building, and not done a very good job. We assured him that we could remove all the paint splatters and have the pathways nice and clean for the […]

IKEA – Chewing Gum Removal

A new manager had taken over the large IKEA store in Braehead, and wanted the front of the store nice and fresh. We were asked to remove all the gum, and give the tarmac area all the way along the front of the store a thorough clean. There was 13 years worth of chewing gum here, so you can imagine […]