Safe and effective chewing gum removal

Chewing gum is a huge problem at commercial properties and when a new manager had taken over the large IKEA store in Braehead they wanted the front of the store nice and fresh. We were asked to provide our chewing gum removal Glasgow service and give the tarmac area all the way along the front of the store a thorough clean. There was 13 years worth of chewing gum here, so you can imagine the task at hand! The biggest issue we faced straight away was that the tarmac was very soft due to its age so our normal procedure would have damaged the tarmac further (another company had used a jet wash and damaged the tarmac) So we chose a different approach by using a low pressure steam dry steam machine. We worked from early evening, through the night, so as not to disrupt the customers of this very busy store. After the gum was removed, we gave the whole area a washdown to bring the tarmac back to how it should look, and give all the IKEA customers a better shopping experience.

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