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Stone building have been around for hundreds of years, that means hundreds of years of dirt and grime!

We use various techniques for our stone cleaning, one of which is similar to our brick cleaning methods. By using a very subtle non-damaging chemical, we can lift the surface grime away from the stone, before rinsing it down with our machines, leaving the stone looking great again, with all its natural colour brought back to life.

Another technique we use is called a ”masons clean” where we flood the wall with very fine mists of water for specified times. This fine mist gets in behind the dirt in the stone and lifts it out, washing it away. This technique has been used for years by stonemasons, hence the name and is effective yet gentle on the stone.

Both our stone cleaning techniques are very effective and will bring all those filthy buildings back up to their former glory. Available all across Glasgow and central Scotland.

We can wash all types of stone and all types of stone structures including, steps, pathways, patios, statues and monuments and all types of stone buildings. Why not give us a call to discuss your needs on 0800 909 8884.

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