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Precise Pressure Washing

We offer both residential and commercial pressure washing solutions in Glasgow and across central Scotland and can accommodate the largest jobs. However no job is too small, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Some of the Residential services we offer:

  • Driveway Cleaning – We use top of the line rotary head pressure equipment and hot water for our driveway cleaning services to give it a thoroughly deep clean. After the initial clean we ”Spot Clean” any problem areas or heavy staining. We also offer a fungicidal spray to inhibit the re-growth of any weeds and mould/moss.
  • Patio Cleaning – We know when the weather is nice, everyone likes to sit out in the sun and relax, or entertain with a barbecue in the summer. Why not choose our patio cleaning service and have it looking great for all those days in the sun! We use the same techniques as with driveways to clean the patios, and also provide you with a fungicidal wash.
  • Brick Cleaning – We have extensive experience within the brick cleaning industry and can handle all aspects of this trade. From the cleaning and rejuvenation of a small garden fence to the total clean of a brick exterior. We use an environmentally friendly, deep cleansing chemical to break down the dirt on the surface, then use our high pressure system to rinse all those years of grime from the front of your house, leaving it looking as fresh as it has done in years!
  • Stone Cleaning – Utilising the NEBULOUS system, or ”masons clean”, we can give most stained stone a clean that will bring it back to its original colour and stature. With some subtle scrubbing with a non-damaging soft bronze brush, we can give that tired old stone a new lease on life! We have several techniques we use with our stone cleaning service.
  • Exterior Cleaning – We offer a full exterior pressure washing service, including; Cladding cleaning, Render cleaning, Pebble dash, and P.V.C Frames and Gutter cleaning. Most Surfaces can be washed down and left looking like new again.
  • Roof Cleaning– Tired of looking at those moss covered roof tiles every time you drive up to your house? Well give us a call and take advantage of our roof washing service. We can give them a good clean, remove all that unsightly moss, bringing them back to the original colour, so your house looks fresh again. Eliminate any risk and let us come in and do all the hard work and leave you with a clean, ”As New” finish. Also, while we are on the roof cleaning the tiles, why not let us clean out your Gutters for a small additional fee?
  • Gutter Cleaning & Clearing – We are always happy to offer this service even if we aren’t cleaning your roof tiles. We clean any loose debris from the gutter using our top of the line gutter vacuum, which is safe to use from the ground, Then, by using our custom built drain jetting equipment we make sure that all the down-pipes and drains on both the roof level and ground level are clean and free of obstruction.
  • Paint & Graffiti Removal – Do you have a painted brick/stone wall thats seen better days? Has someone sprayed unsightly graffiti on your property? Our paint removal service uses a combination of biodegradable solution and hot water to firstly break down the paint, then rinse and the paint is gone! We can strip the paint off the entire front of your house, or just strip a small patch of graffiti. We offer a free test panel service with all of our paint removal services so you can see the end result and the quality of the finish.
  • Anti Graffiti Coatings – We can provide you with Anti Graffiti Coatings to greatly minimise the difficulty in which to remove graffiti. It is a coating which is applied to the surface and does not affect the look, stops the graffiti from penetrating into the substrate and all that is required to remove the unsightly graffiti is a hot water pressure wash.

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