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Precise Pressure Washing

We have years of experience in the trade and construction industry, dealing with renovation works or new builds, needing a quick clean before the handover. Below are some of our commercial pressure washing services offered across central Scotland. We specialise in high level cleaning and we welcome any enquiries from builders or contractors.

Please visit our projects page to see some of our recent commercial projects.

  • New Build Cleaning – Sometimes on the completion of a new build there is some mortar staining or efflorescence (the white, chalky staining that looks like it is leaking from mortar joints) We can come in afterwards and remove any of this staining to leave the building looking like it should when it is handed over to the client. We can also remove any of the above mentioned staining from any freshly laid paving or patios from new build constructions.
  • Forecourt Cleaning – We can provide a one off, or an ongoing maintenance schedule for all types of forecourts, weather it be a shopping centre, garage or the outside area of a block of flats. We can keep it clean of stains, and looking continually fresh for all your customers. We can set up a scheduled time-frame for the cleaning -weekly, monthly or to suit your individual needs. Additionally we offer an out of hours service so as not to interrupt your business.
  • Chewing Gum Removal – Is the area in front of your restaurant of workplace covered in unsightly gum? We can come along and get that cleaned off for you and leave the area looking fresh and Gum free! We use a high pressure steam clean to shift that stuck on gum, leaving the area looking great for all your customers.
  • Graffiti/Paint Removal – Graffiti has become a major problem recently and we have a wide range of cleaning agents to shift any type, from a small, marker pen mess on a toilet cubicle, to a full size mural on the side of your building! With our high Pressure hot water machines, removing that ugly graffiti is no problem. We also offer a full paint removal service from a small front garden wall, to removing the paint on the full, front house exterior.
  • Public Houses/Beer Gardens – We know, as an owner or operator of a pub, the beer garden area gets a lot of use especially in the summer months, and we also know how much of a mess they can be after a few months use. Thats why we offer a full deep clean service, including the floors pressure cleaned and any staining removed, the outdoor furniture washed and brought back to life, all gum removed, or you can opt for any of these services on their own.
  • Commercial Window Cleaning– We are now set up to undertake any sized window cleaning job, from a small office building thats being refurbished, to a large, multi-story office block. We find that this runs alongside our pressure cleaning works very well, and we can now offer a complete external cleaning package, from start to the final window clean before you move in or hand over a new build project.
  • Car park Cleaning–We Offer a carpark cleaning service that provides a thorough deep clean to all the floors, walls, pillars of the carpark, incorporating graffiti removal, and if needed, and application of floor paints, anti graffiti coatings, or sealers. We use our top of the line rotary wash equipment, and have wet vacuum facilities to minimise the water left after cleaning to keep the carpark dry and safe.
  • Play Grounds/Play Areas – We offer a full Play area cleaning service. Using variable pressure and fully safe and non toxic chemicals we can clean almost any play area surface, leaving it clean, disinfected and safe for use straight away. We offer our graffiti removal service alongside this play area service, to leave that play area looking safe and child friendly.
  • Renovations – We specialise in helping building companies make that tired building look like new during a renovation. Why not give us a call and get a free quote to get that exterior looking great, to match the newly renovated interior.

Please don't hesitate to give us a call if you don't see a service you require. We can cater to most cleaning needs, and offer a full maintenance package and ”tailored to suit” packages for both business and domestic customers.

24 hour call outs are available for both Graffiti and Gum removal for low volume pedestrian disruption. Free call 0800 909 8884.

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