Driveway Cleaning Glasgow

Glasgow Driveway Cleaning Services

Here at Precise Pressure Washing, we specialise in driveway cleaning across Glasgow and central Scotland. If its a small, slabbed drive, or a huge monoblock one, we can get it looking like its just been laid!

Our driveway cleaning process involves a thorough deep clean using our pressure washer and our surface cleaner, which greatly reduces the splashing and mess some other companies will cause with their equipment. We then make sure all the weeds (if any are left!) are removed, the driveway is then treated with a fungicide wash and its job done! We will re-sand the monoblock on a return visit, as the surface has to be completely dry before we can sweep the sand in (hard to do in Scotland!). Our driveway cleaning service across Glasgow is cost effective and the results speak for themselves.

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