Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh asked us to give the render cleaning on the main building and sports centre, especially to remove the green algae staining that had covered a lot of the white render. As you can see from some of the pictures, there was a lot of area to cover and some of the access was difficult, but with the use of specialist access equipment, our knowledge and experience we were able to get the job done, within the timescale for the client and bring the render back to “as new”.

Most render we come across has red staining which is the most common. This is a form of algae and can be treated and removed with our softwashing service in Glasgow. Most people think they need to paint over this staining, but painting render can be a big mistake and cause costly problems further down the line. We can also remove other types of staining: Green algae/Black mould/soot/wood staining using the same process.

We use a subtle softwash cleaning solution applied to the render via low pressure pumps and soft bristled brushes so there is absolutely no risk of damage. We then wash the render down with super heated water from our adjustable machines which removes all the staining which leave your render clean and looking like new.

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