A typical guideline to the cost of a Reverse Graffiti campaign can be found below, though these prices are just a guide. We are always happy to cater a package to suit your requirments so if you give us a call with more specific information, we can give you our best price.


  •  A stencil up to 1m x 1m laser cut from aluminium – Up to £100 (Minimum charges apply)
  • 20 stencil impressions in your designated area (subject to suitability) – £300
  • 30 stencil impressions – £400 (compare prices with the national companies, This is cheap!)
  • 50 stencil impressions – £650

Once the stencil is cut, we can store it on our premises to be used for another campaign at a later date, or we can send the stencil to you. If you choose to have another run of impression with us (using the original stencil) then you will not have to pay the stencil cutting price. New stencils will incur the stencil fee.

We also apply a travel charge which for a standard campaign (20 impressions) is a one off charge. This charge varies depending on the distance and number of impressions chosen. Below is a rough guide to our travel charges, but if you have more specific information then please contact us.

  • Campaign localised to Glasgow city center or 1 suburb of Glasgow – No Travel Charge
  • Campaign spread across 1-3 suburbs of Glasgow (depending on distance between) – £50
  • Campaign spread across 3 or more suburbs of Glasgow (depending on distance between) – £80
  • Outside Glasgow – Please contact us for a price

We cut out the middle man, that why we can offer such discounted prices for these services. Most of the larger Reverse Graffiti comapnies outsource the actual stenciling works to other pressure cleaning companies, hence why they need to charge those huge prices. We can offer exactly the same quality and service, but for a fraction of the price.These prices are minimal compared to the coverage and feedback your company will receive through using this type of advertising.

As mentioned before, these prices are just a guide, It is always best to give us a call, or send us an email through our Contact Us form with some details, and we can get back to you with a more specific price. We are more than happy to work with you deciding where and when your campaign should run, and give advice on what type of surfaces and what location would be best.  0800 909 8884