We were asked by a local church to remove and clean some pigeon droppings from a feature window. The wire mesh which had kept the pigeons out had blown off in a storm and the pigeons had been roosting in the window for over a year, making quite a mess. We first had to remove the remaining mesh, then we sprayed down the area with a biocide to kill off all the nasty diseases before removing all the solid waste into bags for disposal. We then gave the whole area a thorough wash down and another coat of the biocide. Finally we were asked to replace the mesh to stop the pigeons coming back.



We received a call from an existing customer to give this rendered wall a clean. The wall was right next to a busy road, and they previously had a sign hanging which they recently removed, leaving the moss and carbon staining very visible. We gave the wall a thorough pressure clean and then sprayed it with a fungicidal spray to kill any remaining mould/moss spores.


First impressions are important, and if you own a restaurant or shop, the front is what your prospective customer sees first. The manager of this restaurant was concerned at the impact these filthy canopies were having on the future patrons so he got us in and we gave them a thorough deep clean. As now all the customers will see is a clean, tidy and inviting restaurant.


We were asked by a local company if we could clean the cladding on their concrete production factory. With the use of a cherry picker we were able to get to all the hard to reach areas, and had the front of house looking like new again. The client was happy and is now thinking of adding this to their yearly maintenance schedule.



Hutchesons Grammar school in Glasgow recently had a new drama building built, and we were approached by the contractor to give the building a washdown before hand-over. The bricks were patchy in areas from mortar smears and staining and there were some heavy mortar splatters. We hired a scissor lift and gave the whole building a light chemical wash which cleared up most of the smears and made the whole building look uniform, then we just chipped off the heavier chunks and gave the bricks a final rinse down. We were then asked to give the surrounding slabbed walkways a clean after all the scaffold and materials were removed. Whole thing came up great and was handed over a week later!


Nice place for dinner, but the exterior stone work outside the front door needed a good clean. We undertook this work at night, so as not to interupt any of the restaraunt patrons. Some of the dirt had been there for years as it had never been cleaned but we did the best we could and there was a significant difference. Everyone was happy!



We were asked to quote for some works down at a large regeneration project in Toryglen. Working closely with the main contractor, the works include a chemical clean of all the lower brick courses and all the balconies in the highrise buildings, rinsing down of areas of roughcast and spot cleaning any areas around the site cause by the bulding works. This project is ongoing.