We understand that it may not be cost effective to have your driveways, or any other surface cleaned everytime it becomes stained. That’s why here, at Precise Pressure Washing, we offer a sealing service that will prolong the life, and stop those nasty stains from returning. We use a variety of sealers for different applications, so why not give us a call to discuss your needs.

Penetrating Sealers
A Penetrating sealer will soak into the surface and leave it looking as it was before it was sealed. This will basically make the surface ”waterproof”. The stains can be easily wiped from the surface, as they don’t soak in, they just bead on top saving you both time and money –  keeping your surface cleaner and fresher for longer. These sealers do not affect the breathability of the surface and allow any water still trapped in the tile/paver to be released, but do not allow any more water to penetrate.
Surface Sealers
The easiest way to describe a surface sealer is a film that sits on top of the surface, effectively stopping the stain from even touching it. Surface sealers do alter the appearance of the surface, and you can get different types of finishes. Surface sealers, though hard wearing, will need to be re-applied over time, depending on the ammount of foot traffic etc.
Penetrating sealers leave the surface appearance looking original but dont let the                                                          Surface sealers penetrate into the surface
water or stains soak in, leaving them on the surface allowing them to easily be wiped                                                     slightly, but they also form a film on the surface
clean with no long term staining. These sealers also soak into the jointing sand and                                                         stopping water ingress. These are much less
bond it together, along with strengthening the joint.           .                                                                                          breathable, and do alter the surface appearance