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A new building is a huge investment, so it should be pristine on the day you hand it over to the client. We all know that during the building process, it can get quite messy, but that’s no excuse to hand over a finished project to a client with stained walls, or a mess of cement on the pathway. Accidents happen, but with a quick call out from us, we can have it sorted for you, cheaply and hassle free with our new build cleaning service.

We also work with some of the larger building companies, helping them with their cleaning needs regarding this service, usually coming on site towards the end of the job, and giving the bricks, paths, tarmac and anything else they need cleaned a good thorough wash down, ready for the handover to the client. Most of the time this service entails a full chemical wash-down of the exterior brickwork, removal of all excess mortar lumps and stains. We can also incorporate high level window cleaning into the final clean, taking care of all the finishing touches.

We specialise in the cleaning of bricks on new builds, the excess mortar and the white staining associated with new builds called efflourescence. This can be a stubborn stain to remove and if left untreated can e almost impossible to remove. We can rid the exterior of these unwanted stains, leaving the bricks or stone looking fresh and ready for the hand over.

We can also clean up any pathways, patio areas and driveways of new builds, from any staining or mess caused by the building process.

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