Commercial Bin Cleaning

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Those bins can get filthy, fast! not to mention the health risks. Noone wants smelly bins out the back (or front) of their restaurant.Thats why we offer a call out service, so we can be there as soon as they need a good clean. We also offer a maintenance cleaning schedule, so your bins never get the chance to get too bad. Our commercial bin cleaning service entails all excess rubbish removed (within reason) and a subtle but powerfull degreaser/detergent applied and then using hot water, the inside and outside of the bin is pressure cleaned and any stubborn stains will be scrubbed, we then add some scented liquid leaving your bin looking and smelling fresh.

We can also give you bin area, bin store, rear area a full clean while we are there to do the bins. Removing any grime, litter, and oil that may have been spilt. Give us a call today to arrange a free quote 0800 909 8884 or use our Contact Us page to request a call back.