Chewing Gum Removal Glasgow


Chewing Gum Removal Glasgow


The front entrance of your business is the first thing your customers see, its their first impression. So if all they see is a load of chewing gum all over the ground, its not going to look very inviting! Our chewing gum removal service incorporates the latest steam machines and a dry, no mess process to remove the gum and keep your store front looking great. The work can be undertaken at a time that suits you so as to prevent any disruption to your business and customers.

We have different techniques for different surfaces, making sure that we don’t damage the substrate. this, coupled with the use of top of the range machines and environmentally friendly chemicals  ensures that all we leave behind is a clean, gum free entrance!

We have just undertaken a large-scale gum removal job for IKEA in Braehead, why not check out our recent projects page for more information. While your there, why not browse through our other projects!

If you would like any more information on our chewing gum removal service, or would like to book us in, give us a call on

0800 909 8884 or use our Contact Us page to request a call back.