Anti Graffiti Coatings Glasgow


A very popular service we provide to all domestic and commercial clients is our Anti Graffiti Coatings. This coating provides an easy to maintain surface protectant to most surfaces and helps limit the effect graffiti has. It also requires less work to remove the graffiti and can help with an ongoing maintenance service to keep your business or building free from graffiti.

There are 2 types of coatings available:

Sacrificial Coating

This coating is applied through a spray and penetrates, and does not effect the look of the surface. It is permeable and therefore lets the surface breathe. The removal of graffiti on this coating requires little or no chemical and a hot water pressure wash and then the coating must be reapplied after the graffiti has been removed.


Permanent Coating

This coating forms a seal on top of the surface, thus not letting any graffiti to penetrate the surface. This coating require just a hot jet wash to remove any staining and the coating remains intact after the cleaning process. This coating affects the look of the surface and is much more sturdy and hard-wearing and does not need to be re-applied after the removal of any graffiti.

These coatings offer an easy solution to the graffiti problems most business owners face today. We can offer you a one off application of either of our coatings, or a full maintenance schedule including application of coatings, and remo val of any graffiti.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any more information regarding these coatings or services.

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